The Kickstart Guide to Securing {& Retaining} Sponsorships©

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Hey I get it: the idea of securing sponsorships can feel overwhelming. You’re only one person, and this isn’t your full time gig. The idea of even having to ask someone to give you money, a product or service in trade for promotion might be running a close race to that same feeling of throwing your leg over a fresh colt. Visions of an unpredictable ride & possibly getting yard darted feel very real (& oh so uncomfortable).

But what if you could access a guide that teaches you {step by step} how to secure & retain sponsorships? Just imagine how much less stressful it would feel to have a sponsorship road map©.

The Kick Start Guide to Securing & Retaining Sponsorships© is just that. Think of this guide as a roadmap that will help you get to your next sponsorship destination. It has been built with the intention of meeting you right where you’re at today to get you rolling & also to serve as a reliable source of reference in the days ahead, just like a trusty road map. 

Nowadays, I get giddy at the opportunity to talk shop about the art of selling & sponsorship opportunities. However, this hasn’t always been the case. I’ve wished many times over that I had a “road map” for navigating sponsorships & the challenges that can arise when communication isn’t clear for all parties involved. That’s one of the main reasons why I felt so compelled to create the Kick Start Guide to Securing {& Retaining} Sponsorships©.

In the 80 pages of this guide, you will learn my exact frame work & strategies for securing & retaining sponsorships. The guide includes multiple resources from sales scripts to customizable templates to help you along your sponsorship journey. You will even receive access to a private podcast that takes a deep dive into each section’s content.

Here’s a quick list of what you will receive when purchasing this guide: 

  • 80 page guide
  • Editable Canva Templates
  • Exclusive "Deep Dive" Podcast
  • Needs Worksheet
  • Skills Worksheet
  • Hex Thinking
  • Potential Sponsor Research Page
  • Potential Sponsors Worksheet
  • Media Kit
  • Sales Scripts
  • Sponsor Contact Log
  • Exposure Trackers
  • Personal Audit
  • Partner Audit
  • Sponsor Kit

In addition to these resources, your purchase includes lifetime access to the Kick Start Guide to Securing {& Retaining} Sponsorships©. You will be notified each time a new version is available with updated material. 

I’m on a mission to help equip the go-getters of our western community {like Y-O-U} with sales skills that will serve you well when securing {& retaining} sponsorships.

What are you waiting for, friend? It’s time to saddle up & take action.