Dakota, here -

I’m a small town cowgirl with southern roots blazing a trail as a Midwest ranch wife, mama & business woman.

I grew up in the small rural community of Grady, Alabama & yes - I speak “southern” - but now call Eastern KS home. My husband, Tyler, & I are raising two little cowboys - Monroe & McCrae. We have a feeder calf operation that Tyler handles the day to day responsibilities for & I am a Key Account Manager for Ariat International. I enjoy roping, junk of all kinds & snail mail.

If you're into careers, kids, cowboys or cattle you've found the right place - but more on that later.

First - Let's Take It Back...

"Life is too short for undependable horses, trucks & men."

I was 11 years old the first time my mama ever shared this idea with me.

My BarnFly shirt, 20X Jeans & hair were caked in mud. The only part of my face that was somewhat clean were streaks from the tears. I was so embarrassed. I’d just got bucked off in the goat tying at my very first state finals. As my mama checked me over, while making a plan & sharing her words of wisdom, “Life’s too short for undependable horses, trucks & men.”  I recall thinking, “Now that’s some Cowgirl state of mind right there.”

Somewhere between that moment and this one, I became keenly aware of the difference that embracing the cowgirl state of mind had made in my life both in & out of the arena. 

Sharing this concept with all I come in contact with has taken 'holt of my heart and called me to action.

Growing up, I was fortunate to not only have a Cowgirl for a mama, but also be surrounded by her Cowgirl friends. These were women from all walks of life, however they all shared one common bond- their love for horses.  That’s what connected us. Her cowgirl friends were doctors, school teachers, accountants, waitresses, mothers, vets, housekeepers, attorneys, business owners,  professional rodeo athletes, dental hygienists, secretaries, soldiers, church leaders, truck drivers, Tupperware sales ladies & everything inbetween. They were {& still are} strong, confident & caring women - built in role models & mentors, if you will - that were always willing to lend a hand, a horse, their time or knowledge to me.

Over the years, as I watched these different cowgirls along with my mama navigate the responsibilities surrounding careers, cowboys, kids & cattle and somehow amidst it all still set aside pockets of time to pursue their personal goals - the idea that I could do anything I set my mind to became like a seed planted firmly in hearty soil, continuing to grow & deepen its roots with each passing season.

As life went on though, I came to realize that not everyone had the gift of being in proximity to & learning from these types of incredibly dynamic women who embrace the Cowgirl state of mind. {Insert the strange & questioning stares I still get from time to time when I explain all the hats I wear both personally & professionally. You know the kind. The “Are you crazy?” & “Maybe you should just pick one thing” or “Good Luck with that” looks. You’ve most likely been on the receiving end at some point before too, sister.}

The more I thought about it, women with that much hard earned knowledge & life experience that were willing to share it shouldn’t be a “best kept secret”. Something inside me started to stir. I wasn’t sure exactly how I’d go about it, but I knew I wanted to change that. I wanted to make these cowgirls, their state of mind & their stories available to anyone who desired to listen & learn, and do it in a way that they could be shared for years to come.

To use my gift of storytelling, experience in business management & Corporate America & the Cowgirl State of Mind to enrich the lives of others who desire to turn their dreams into plans.

So here I am today pursuing what I now know is my calling by sharing stories as the podcast host on the Cowgirl Confessions podcast & consistently leaning into other creative ways to highlight women who make a positive impact by embracing the Cowgirl state of mind.