Securing & Retaining Sponsorships Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

Over the past three decades, I’ve worn multiple hats within the western industry & successfully worked alongside many different types of people.

From a rodeo contestant selling program ads through junior, high school & college rodeo to seeking personal sponsorships when vying for the title of Miss Rodeo USA—

To promoting the International Professional Rodeo Association & Miss Rodeo USA organization as Miss Rodeo USA 2010 and helping secure sponsorships for the Cowgirls Breakaway Roping inaugural debut at the International Finals Rodeo in 2012 as the Cowgirls Breakaway Roping Event Director— 

To working in corporate America for one of the most sought after brands in the western industry witnessing first hand how the sponsorship process works behind the scenes for the brand as well as retail partners— 

To also being a small business owner myself that has chosen to invest my money into sponsorship opportunities— 

The experiences and knowledge that I’ve gained from working in & out of the arena with rodeo personnel, stock contractors, rodeo committees, corporate and small-business owners as well as cowboys & cowgirls—has equipped me with a unique skill set & perspective when it comes to managing sponsorship partnerships, as well as a deep understanding of the art of selling. I believe being successful at the art of selling boils down to serving people & solving problems. 

I've figured out how to execute those sales skills well; from securing awards for the sport of rodeo to closing deals in Corporate America to now being a mom & getting my kids in the car each morning for school, utilizing sales skills is my road map for success. 

I’m on a mission to help equip the go-getters of our western community {like Y-O-U} with these same sales skills that will serve you well when securing {& retaining} sponsorships.

If you’re wanting to up your game in any area of life, understanding the art of selling & equipping yourself with sales skills is key. 

Click here to kickstart your journey to being and becoming a sales specialist. 

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