A Little Girl with a Big Love for Horses

 I watched a little girl fall in love with horses yesterday. 

I saw joy in bare feet, muddy hands & smiling faces. 

I felt a part of me come alive that I haven’t felt in a really long time. 

Maybe it was the sunshine & horse hair…

Maybe it was the sound of children laughing…

Maybe it was being in conversation with another mom raising littles who both understands & appreciates broken conversations as we answered to “Mom”…

Maybe it was hosing the kids off because that’s the level of fun that was had…

Maybe it was me imagining my mama in heaven looking down on us & grinning ear to ear as she watched me share the same knowledge & love for horses she shared with me many years ago… {it was a precious “pass it on” moment that I am still trying to fully articulate. Best way I can describe it- I felt my mama there with me.}

Or maybe it was sharing homemade cookies our sweet friends made - with dirt under our fingernails & full hearts. 

Whatever it was, I felt the little cowgirl inside me come alive again. Yesterday was so good for my soul. I want more of that, and I aim to make it happen. 

What about you friend? 

What takes you back to a time in your childhood that you wish you could bottle up and serve to the world? 

Whatever it is, let’s do more of that. 

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