3 Apps I Use Daily As A Business Woman

I wear a lot of hats & juggle my fair share of responsibilities as a wife, mom, business woman, sister, friend & dreamer just like many of you. And along the way I’ve tried, failed, tried again & implemented some strategies that have proven beneficial in juggling all the things.

Pretending like I’ve got it all together or figured out 100% of the time is not my game. I don’t claim to be an expert, but a driven • work in progress • I’ll figure it kinda gal • that gets giddy about implementing effective business strategies ~ that I AM.

I also enjoy sharing what I’ve learned & what is working for me with other like minded women who are dedicated to pursuing their dreams.

In an effort to provide you with value & encouragement, I’ve taken a deep dive into reviewing my processes & strategies so I can build some shareable “meat & taters” content with you.

First up, I am sharing the 3 apps that I use daily as a business woman to be more effective, efficient and encouraged. They are Notability, Whatsapp & Podcasts.

#1 Notability - This is the app that I use on my iPad {with pencil} to take notes during all my meetings. The multitude of features the app offers from voice recording to template options while also having cut & paste capabilities help me record notes super effectively.

#2 WhatsApp - I use this app on my phone. It is hands down the most efficient way I’ve found to communicate & keep track of multiple projects in the small pockets of time I have available as a mom with a full time job that’s also building a side business.

#3 Podcasts - I am very intentional about the type of content I consume. Listening to podcasts while I get ready, drive or clean stalls is one simple way I can be encouraged & consistently invest in my personal growth even with NET time.

If you found this helpful, I’d love to hear from you about how you’re implementing one or all of these apps into your daily routine to be more effective, efficient & encouraged!

Make each day count,


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