10 Valuable Life Lessons I’ve learned as a Sales Girl

I’ve been in sales for over 30 years, and I’ve spent the last decade obsessing on how to become THE best sales person out there. 

While my pursuit to be THE best sales person originally began as a “me” centered goal, my focus has since shifted to “how can I learn more about the art of selling & be THE best in order to serve others?”  

Leaning into refining my sales girl skill set has evolved into more than I ever imagined. Embracing this skill set has quite literally changed my life. 

By choosing to: 

Listen more than I talk,

Get things wrong,

Have a “figure it out mindset”, 

Take messy action, 

Surround myself with mentors that speak truth,

Continue to show up even when it’s hard,

Have crucial conversations, 

Fiercely pursue growth, 

Choose to flip the script on the idea that being in sales feels “icky”

I’ve learned countless life lessons in the process of being & becoming. 

Here are 10 Valuable Life Lessons I’ve learned first hand as a Sales Girl: 

  1. Respecting someone’s time is the fastest way to earn their respect. 
  2. Follow through. Do what you say you’re going to do. 
  3. The hard thing and right thing are often the same thing. Embrace doing hard things.
  4. “Clear is Kind” as Brene Brown says. Strive to be an exceptional & clear communicator.
  5. Working alongside your teammates doing whatever it takes to get the job done builds community like no other. 
  6. Attention to detail matters. It will set you apart. 
  7. You’ll never feel 100% buttoned up and ready. Do it scared. Over & over again. Repetition allows you to fine tune your craft. 
  8. When you don’t know or understand something, say so. Ask the question(s). Stay Curious. 
  9. Never let yourself be too qualified to do any job. The knowledge & understanding you gain from doing a job “outside of your wheelhouse” will allow you to solve problems faster & lead people better. 
  10. Operate by the Golden Rule- Treat Others the way you want to be treated. 

When you persuade for good, the art of selling doesn’t carry a negative connotation. Instead, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others with the service or product you provide. 

My relentless pursuit of growing my sales skills in order to serve others has translated into life skills that give me confidence in other areas of my life. 

And that my friend- THAT CONFIDENCE- that’s what I want for you too. 

If you found this list helpful, you’d most likely enjoy listening to episode 64 of the Cowgirl Confessions Podcast- where I share examples that are applicable to anyone navigating everyday moments. 

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