Episode 3: Missy Bonds

If the name Missy Bonds sounds familiar, it should. You've likely seen or heard her on multiple platforms sharing her love for the cattle & ranching industries as well as recently being featured on the Cowboy Channel’s NEW Ranchher Show premiere episode.  

Missy comes from a family that has been involved in ranching since 1933. She plays a unique role while helping manage the family ranch in Saginaw, Texas by balancing the old and the new to keep her family business thriving. During this episode she shares the history of the Bonds Ranch, how she turned her interest for cattle into a career & some business strategies learned along the way. 

During our chat, we even reminisced about the first time we met each other at a branding on her family’s ranch. She handed me an ear tagger, trusted me to get the job done after a few minutes of quick instruction & we’ve been friends ever since.

Listen to Missy's episode on the CC Podcast below!

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Jenna smeenk Facebook Jenna smeenk instagram

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Go, girl! Can hardly wait to maybe see y’all in Branson!

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